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Reviews for I. Nympho

1 XXX – “I. Nypho’s Teen Nympho Erotica Series is a whole new level of TEEN NYPHOMANIA.”

TOP 100 eBooks – “An 18 year old Erotica Author that writes about Teen Strippers and Teen Pornstars with expertise. It makes you wonder how an 18 year old knows this stuff…”

247 News
– “The Hottest Teen Erotica on Amazon is coming from, well from a sexy gorgeous 18 year old girl in Florida that has the whole net talking.”

Fvck You .com – “The coolest Erotica Author is I. Nympho, hands down, or should we say GET YOUR HANDS IN YOUR PANTS.”

Rex Luciferius
– “How could I refuse an 18 year old Erotica Author that digs my songs…”

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